Tiger's Eye Tetrahedron

$ 4,900.00 MXN

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Embrace Strength: Tiger's Eye Tetrahedron Pendant! 

Unleash your inner power with our captivating Tiger's Eye Tetrahedron Pendant. This remarkable piece of jewelry not only radiates beauty but also holds the key to inner strength, courage, and spiritual insight.

Tiger's Eye Brilliance: Meticulously crafted in silver and adorned with tiger's eye, this pendant captures the mesmerizing beauty and chatoyant luster of this gemstone.

Tetrahedron Symbolism: The tetrahedron represents stability and the elemental power of earth. In its triangular form, it symbolizes transformation and the harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Inner Strength: Wearing the Tiger's Eye Tetrahedron Pendant is an invitation to tap into your inner reservoir of strength and courage. Tiger's eye is known for boosting self-confidence, providing protection, and enhancing your ability to navigate life's challenges on your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Insight: Tiger's eye is believed to enhance intuition and provide clarity of thought. It's a stone of protection that offers guidance and connection to higher consciousness.

Elevate your style and spirituality with the Tiger's Eye Tetrahedron Pendant. Order now to embrace the strength and wisdom of tiger's eye on your life's journey.

Chain length: 70 cm

Pendant length: 5 cm

Materials: Silver and Tiger's Eye Gemstone.