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Explore Spirituality with Our Jade & Silver Hikuri Pendant! 

Experience the spiritual essence of our Jade & Silver Hikuri Pendant. This stunning piece merges the serenity of jade with the purity of silver.

Hikuri Symbolism: The Hikuri, or Peyote, represents spiritual illumination and a deep bond with nature in Native American and Huichol traditions.

Spiritual Connection: Wear it as a reminder of your spiritual journey, encouraging mindfulness, peace, and a profound connection with the universe.

Nature's Resilience: Like the Hikuri's desert growth, it symbolizes resilience and the sacred connection between humanity and nature.

Protection: Believed to ward off negativity, it's a potent protective charm for daily life.


Elevate your style and spirituality with the Jade & Silver Hikuri Pendant, carrying its wisdom and protection on your journey.

Chain length: 70 cm

Pendant length: 3 cm

Materials: Silver and Jade Gemstone