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Unveil Intriguing Elegance: Our Silver Triangle Pendant with Black Obsidian Gemstone.

Embrace the perfect blend of geometry and mysticism with this captivating piece. The triangle, symbolizing equilibrium and transformation, cradles a core of Black Obsidian stone renowned for its esoteric power.

Black Obsidian, born from the heart of volcanic fire, holds a unique energy that invites introspection and shields against negativity. Like a mirror to the soul, it enhances self-awareness, illuminating the depths of your inner being. With its protective aura, Black Obsidian acts as a guardian, deflecting and dispersing unwanted energies.

Elevate both your style and spirit as you embrace the potent energies of Black Obsidian. Dare to reveal the extraordinary within you, guided by the profound power of this remarkable stone.

Chain Length: 75 cm

Pendant Length: 3 cm

Materials: Silver, Black Obsidian